Africa Trip with SERV International

Africa Trip with SERV International

Do you have that thing? That skill you want to learn? Place you want to visit? Service project you want to work on? Person you want to give to? Your heart feels it, but life just gets in the way. Work and other responsibilities take priority and it keeps getting pushed aside.

That’s how I felt this time last year. My husband, Mike Stoudt, and I have supported an Atlanta organization called SERV International for years. Serv International helps bring food to remote places in Kenya, own an orphanage called the House of Hope, help establish wells, and much more. That’s just in Kenya. They’re also in the Dominican and help feed people here in Atlanta, GA.

I’ve wanted to travel to Kenya with Serv for awhile to see exactly what Serv does and help in any way I can. I also wanted to meet the kids we sponsor at the House of Hope. But all I could think was, “Can I really be gone that long away from auditions and bookings? What about raising the money? Will I be able to handle what I see? How will I deal with it emotionally?” So, I waited.

I kept feeling a tug at my heart, though. In the spring of 2016, I decided to take the leap and sign up to go with Serv on their August trip.

Wow! Was it an amazing!

There are so many stories, but hearing all of them could feel a little overwhelming. So, I decided to divide the stories up into my favorite 5 and share them via video.

Just a warning…your heart may be touched by these kids. 🙂






As you can see, the trip was life-changing. I miss the kids so much and hope to go back next year!

If you’re feeling that tug on your heart to do something, DO IT! More than likely, it will be pretty life-changing.

Here are a few photos I took of our safari after our trip. We stayed for a day and a half before we flew back to have time to process everything. It was so needed. I loved riding in silence for hours to be with my thoughts and capture some of this…


We were really lucky and got to see a bunch of lions on our safari.


This is my favorite photo. Totally unedited. I just adore the layers. This was really early in the morning and you can almost feel the stillness. serv-kenya-trip-safari-sky serv-kenya-trip-water-buffalo serv-kenya-trip-safari-sunrise serv-kenya-trip-safari-sun


I wish I had focused this better, but it was still cool to capture this on camera. serv-kenya-trip-lion-sticking-tongue-out

This is exactly how I am after digging into a pint of ice cream! serv-kenya-trip-lion-near-carserv-kenya-trip-other-safari-truck

Hope you are able to take that leap you’ve been wanting to take!

xoxo Heidi Rew

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