How to Throw an Oktoberfest Beer Tasting Party

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How to Throw an Oktoberfest Beer Tasting Party


If you stopped by, you probably saw my segment on Atlanta & Company about How to Throw an Oktoberfest Beer Tasting party! To watch the whole segment, click HERE.

oktoberfest, party ideas, atlanta & company,

Here are all the details from the segment so you can throw your own beer tasting!


Oktoberfest started in 1810 when the Bavarian Prince Ludwig got married to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. They invited all the citizens to celebrate with horse races, games and food. Throughout the years, the festival grew to become what it is today.


In my segment, I layered a blue tablecloth I already had with THIS ONE that had the Oktoberfest pattern on it.

Then I hung this Oktoberfest sign in front.

Ribbon Chandelier 

  • Start with a dream catcher or macrame ring 
  • Cut the ribbon to your desired length (when folded in half)
  • Fold the ribbon in half, then pull the loop over and under the ring, then thread the two ribbon strands through the loop and pull tight.
  • Secure with a little dab of hot glue (be careful)
  • Continue all the way around.
  • Thread fishing line through 3 spots equal distance away on the ring, then tie together at the top.
  • Hang & enjoy!

Beer Stein Flower Arrangement

Use clear glass beer steins or true German beer steins to arrange a simple sunflower and wildflower arrangement

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For the beer tasting, here are some beers my neighbor and beer expert (seriously…that is his job) Jeremy suggested:

Spaten Lager, Ayinger Oktoberfest, Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier and Tucher Cristal Weizen.

In Atlanta, Tower and Hop City carry these beers.

For the Oktoberfest Beer Tasting Printable, CLICK HERE. 

For food, I’d do little bites – pretzel (buy these already made from a pretzel stand, pre-made pretzel dough, or try this recipe) and sausage skewers, potato salad and mini apple strudels.


Make a beer bottle toss game. Use empty beer bottles, fill with rice/sand and make a ring from rope and duct tape. Set it up either like corn hole, where there’s just one bottle on either side and team members take chances throwing the rings OR set up 6 beer bottles in bowling ball form with the back bottles being the most points.

If there are kids there, you can make up pretzel necklaces with ribbon and mini pretzels.

Now, all there’s left to do is…Prost!

beer tasting, oktoberfest party ideas, how to throw an oktoberfest party

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